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We proudly specialize in retirement and income planning for women.

Putting you first

So many women are used to thinking of everyone else before themselves, whether in their role as a wife, mother, sister or friend, often to their own detriment. But at Becker Retirement Group, our team is committed to ensuring that your financial needs are being met, whether married or single, so you can face the future confidently and not be a burden on those you love.

Retirement solutions tailored to you

If your goals include leaving a legacy, helping put your children through college or giving loving care to your parents as they age, we can help you with that. If your dreams are to travel more, buy your dream home or delve into a new hobby, we can help you with that, too.

It all starts with understanding your finances and building a financial strategy for success. Unfortunately, there are some myths that often stand in the way of women getting the financial help they deserve. We are changing that.

Myth #1:

My spouse will handle it.


The majority of women — 90 percent — will eventually be solely in charge of their household finances.1 That’s partially due to women having a longer lifespan than men.2 And yet, just 20 percent of women feel very well prepared to make wise financial decisions.3

At Becker Retirement Group, we know women face unique challenges and we’re ready to help empower you with the guidance you need.


Women have a heart for service and care deeply about what matters most to them. Some women may appear less focused on their finances, but only because they’re busy sacrificing — 16% of women report taking on a less-demanding job (versus 6% for men) to care for children or ailing parents.4

Some women put themselves in the precarious position of relying too heavily on their spouse/partner and are sidelined or totally derailed when they are widowed, divorced or once again single, after decades of marriage or partnership. We can help you prepare for potential challenges like these.

Myth #2:

Women don’t take their finances seriously.

Myth #3:

Women don't have much money.


Women control 51% of U.S. personal wealth, are the primary breadwinners in over 40% of U.S. households and own 30% of all private businesses in the United States.5

An estimated $59 trillion of wealth will be transferred from older generations to younger through 2030, and two-thirds of that is expected to go to women.6 We’re dedicated to helping you seize the opportunities in your financial life and pursue your dreams.

Don’t let these myths stand in the way of taking charge of your finances and your future; you are too valuable to those around you. You are very capable and we will walk beside you in this process. You deserve better and it is our promise to leave you better than when you came in. Take that first step, it is always the hardest, but we will walk with you every step of the way!


She Handled it, So Can You!

An Inspiring and Empowering Financial Guide for Women

When there’s a crisis at work, she handles it. When a parent, child, or spouse is ill and needs more care, she gives up her time and resources…and handles it. Since 80% of men die married and 80% of women die single, a woman often bears the ultimate responsibility for her financial future, left holding the bag after a divorce, elderly parent care, or the death of a spouse.

In her book, Arwen speaks to women with raw honesty about:

  • The unique financial issues that you face, whether married or not
  • How you can identify your values, helping to make financial decisions easier
  • Planning with all the pieces of your financial life in view, not just the investments or income
  • Not comparing your finances to your neighbor, sibling or co-worker; everyone's situation is unique and requires a personalized plan

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